Tuesday, January 13, 2009

in the swing

Second day of classes: Tuesday/Thursday classes have started. I had Calculus II (which is a really random class to take for me) and Speech.

My speech teacher is from the Caribbean, and as such she's got a cute accent. The class is full - we'll see how full it is by the drop date - and there are a couple maybe interesting people in it. Prisner, the teacher, had us introduce ourselves with our names and majors. I told her the truth: I was an engineer, but now I'm not sure; maybe graphic design?

She looked slightly amused and said, "Engineering, design - I suppose there's a connection there.. somewhere..."

There's not. I informed her of this.

Also today, I had to buy my American Lit 2 book (the course for which I am taking online). I went to the shelf, only to find it empty - and the last copy in some chick's hands. She saw me looking, and the conversation pretty much went like this:

Her: "Have you taken American Lit before?"
Me: "No, this is my first time. I guess you have the last book...?"
Her: "Yeah.. "
Me: "Wanna fight over it? :D"
Her: "...................."
Me: "I'm kidding, sorry."

She later decided she didn't want it, and gave it to me (I had decided to stand in the next aisle to see if she took it or not. There was some discussion between her and her friend about whether she even needed the book).

So now I have all my books. And a serious lack of major.


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