Monday, January 12, 2009

the internet is for online classes

I'm taking two online courses this semester, a First-Eight-Weeks American Govt 2 class, and the full semester American Lit 2 class.

They made us introduce ourselves (for a participation grade!!!).

This is what I put:

Hi, I'm Tiphanie. I used to be an English major, then I turned to the dark side (engineering), though now I'm not really sure what I am. I'm considering quitting my day job and doing the vampire thing part time. People tell me, however, that that's not really an option. My next bet is graphic or interior design - anything that gives me an excuse to draw and paint in inappropriate spaces, like walls, business cards, or your face.

apologies in advance,

On my Govt discussion board, most of the class are annoyingly happy women. About half are pregnant. THey talk!!! like this!!!! And they're just so incredibly excited about this course!!!!!1!one

It's okay. I'll live.


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