Friday, January 23, 2009

so it's official

I'm leaving for Scotland at 3:30p on April the 2nd. Actually, I'll be going to Amsterdam for a stopover and THEN we'll head to Scotland.

The schedule is kinda wacky with all the time zone changes, but I've finally sorted it all out.

We'll leave Houston at 3:30p (as previously stated) in CST, April 2nd.


Arrive in Amsterdam 7:50a in CET, the next day (the 3rd). Thankfully, the flight won't be 16 hours long. Going through the time zones, we added a few hours, and actually it'll only (only?!) be 9 1/2.

From there we'll fly to Glasgow at 10a and arrive half an hour later (after dropping an hour, it'll really be an hour and a half alter). All in all, I'll be in a plane approximately 11 hours, and manage to lose half of Friday in the process. The good thing is that when I come home, I'll have extra hours to sleep... or not.

Anyway, I'm excited about the whole thing. Yay for flying across the ocean!


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