Monday, February 9, 2009

adding on to Firefox

I never got into the"social bookmarking" like Digg, Reddit, or I much prefer my organized little drop-down box. 'Course, it was annoying when I was on a different computer than my Dell, but it wasn't really a big problem until one day last year, my bookmarks all just... DISAPPEARED. *dramatic screams and music* It was really annoying and frustrating, but what do you do?

Then I found FOXMARKS!!!! It saves all my bookmarks on their server as a backup. I found it several months ago, but forgot that I use it actively until it popped up a little window upon me closing Firefox: something about I have deleted a significant amount of bookmarks which could be due to a glitch in Firefox; do I want to save as is or keep what I have on server? I was so excited. My bookmarks had been saved minus the annoying community server commenting on my choice of bookmarks.

Another win for Firefox and its addons. Yay!


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