Saturday, February 7, 2009

oh, happy day

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor to continue some testing I've been doing for a prospective kidney transplant for my little brother. The medical center/downtown is always crowded, and today was no exception, with people milling about or marching purposefully to their destinations. One man, walking alone on the sidewalk, had a huge smile on his face; without further warning, he jumped up and clicked his heels. I have never, ever seen anyone do that before, except on TV. He actually clicked. his. heels. I really wanted to stop, go up to him and ask what was so amazing, but I had an appointment for which I was already late. So I'm left to my own imaginations: maybe he proposed to the love of his life and she accepted. Maybe he got an amazing promotion he'd been wanting. Maybe he won the lottery, even. Or he could have just been so joyous at being alive he had to hop up...


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