Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow, my purse is clean today!

Mkay, Plinky (a random question, blog-inspiring website) asks, What are the contents of your purse/wallet? I answer, thus:

acceptance letter to UH
Cause after two years in a community college, I'm finally moving on! Also, I just haven't removed it yet.

makeup bag
Because I wear makeup. That's why

Caffeine mints!! Need I have an explanation?

Moleskin notebook
It's got all my random notes and story/painting/crafting ideas. It rocks, really.

Because if I get pulled over, I need to have my license and insurance. :D

keys both my Camry and the Suburban (that's not really mine but I pretend it is).

sand hanitizer
If you know what that is, you win a prize.

various receipts and other stuff
Library print-out (so I won't forget to turn in books), Arby's coupons, and of course, MY KNIFE. I'm a dangerous chick. O.o


Nat said...

I know what sand hanitizer is...what do I win???

Tiph said...

A lifetime supply of AIR!!!!!

It really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. :D

Nat said...

well I was kinda hoping for a free internet :S

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