Monday, March 30, 2009

It is Monday.

I mention the Mondayness of today because this means that in THREE DAYS I will be leaving for Scotland.

Oh wait, it's midnight. Never mind: it's Tuesday, and I have TWO DAYS.

Because I'm not that great of an advance planner (my mind doesn't work in the future), I didn't sort out the logistics or anything until, like, today. I probably wouldn't have even thought about the ticket unless we (everyone who's going on the trip) happened to buy it at the same time.

But things are rapidly coming together: I have a heavy leather coat (my first real winter coat since fourth grade! Go Texas weather!), a large suitcase (thank you nice neighbor-friends!), and a pair of fluffy socks to wear with boots. I need more.

The trip is much more stressful than anticipated for a few major reasons:
1) I'm unorganized. Plain and simple.
2) My mom is due to have baby Jacob any time now.
3) I will be missing an entire week of school. Also, I have two tests scheduled during my week of absence. My teacher graciously let me work around my schedule though, so that's good.
4) This is my first time out of the country. Or on any trip sans family. It will be unusual and kinda scary (I admit it!) for me.

On the up-side, I'm incredibly excited about seeing a new place. I've always wanted to travel - I have a wanderer's heart - and now that I'm going to, it's thrilling.

Hey wow, it's midnight. But I already said that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

think worse

Heywow! It's Tuesday, and I have nothing due immediately.

I take that back, I do. I just remembered that paper in Lit I should do pronto.

Anyway, over the weekend I got pretty much caught up on sleep, so I'm not even exhausted. I've done some things, like get mad at the Apple company for being such exclusionists (yes, I made that word up), and trying to act like they're some awesome club that everyone would just LOVE to pay whatever is necessary to be in it.
First, pay twice as much for a computer, then you get to continue paying for the OS, and for each individual piece of software that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE for anything to work! It's so frustrating. I'm all for Open Source software and shareware and free things. As in "not paying."

In a week and two days I'll get on a jet plane and fly for a thousand hours to get to Scotland! I'm excited. I even remember where my passport is!
Sometime within the next few days/weeks my mom is supposed to be delivering my brother, Jacob. Not sure when.

And sometime within the next few minutes/hours I'm supposed to be going to sleep.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

updateupdate! (alternate title: feel sorry for me)

In the past four days (that is 4, quatro, 2+2) I have had sixteen hours of sleep (that is 16, diez y seis, 4x4).

Monday I started my new job in Santa Fe, working as a secretary for a roofing company. The owner just so happens to be a guy who goes to my church (Carl!). I'll only be working for a total of two weeks, every other day, until I leave for Scotland. Filling in for Sarah, you see.
It's actually pretty neat, as I've never done any secretary work before. The notsoneat thing is that I get to drive an hour to work and back. I suppose I'd better get used to it, as that's probably what I'll be doing for my first semester at UH. An HOUR to get to school. I am NOT scheduling early classes.

I have wood flooring in my room now. I shouldn't say "now," like I didn't have it before, because I did. Plywood is considered wood flooring, right?
That took a couple days, during which my worldly possession were divided between the children's rooms, scattered across the hallways, and littered throughout the rest of the house. Getting dressed and finding binders for school in the morning was AMAZING.

Uhhh... lesseeeee. I also wrote a speech on Synesthesia (that's the whole entire speech! Gasp!) and a paper on opal gemstones (it's not finished yet, and also it's boring. You don't want to read it.)

I'm so tired. COFFEE BREAK.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

tiph has an important message


Blogosphere, I have a confession to make.

Remember my goals for Spring Break? I'd like to say I did both of them, but I only got around to doing one. Minus one. It's been a busy week (full of, um... stuff...), and I really haven't even thought of what I want to make a video about, much less actually done it. And the Canon? Its sheet music has sat untouched since Tuesday.

The good news is that today, my grandparents (on my step-dad's side) are coming down with an aunt and three cousins. Three? I think three. Anyway, the oldest of them is really good with thinking up creative ideas for movies. We made one two or three years ago entirely in MSPaint. It took probably three hours? But it amused us, even if it wasn't anything special.

When I get a chance, I'll scan and upload some of the projects I've been working on. And the movie Blake and I will make is definitely going to be posted.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shun the Infomercials, shunnnnnnn

Plinky asks: "Have you ever bought anything that has its own infomercial (like the ShamWow® or Snuggie™)?"

TV; "Brainwashed" by Aaron Escobar™

Unfortunately for people who spend thousands of dollars for TV spots, I don't watch television. Their cleverly developed ploys and [perhaps] well thought out plans to get into my wallet/purse have utterly failed because of a detail most of them didn't even think of: I don't ever see it! Poor them.

comments... again?!

I thought I fixed the commenting problem, but apparently my blog is dead-set against me and everyone who wants to comment. Sorry. I'll try to resolve it, but I make no promises.

Monday, March 9, 2009

this is a subject

I had a really great idea for a blog post today, but it involved making a movie, and I'm tired and don't feel all that great. So no movie. Also, I want a better editing software than Windows Movie Maker. And I don't want to spend $1200 on a Mac (even though that would be sweet. [shhh!! don't tell anyone I said that!!!]).

I installed Ubuntu on my other laptop earlier, and then I forgot why I wanted to do so in the first place. It already had another version of Linux on it.

This week has been boisterously busy. I'm not sure what all I did, but obviously none of it was blog-worthy. This week is Spring Break, though, and so maybe I'll have a bit more things to say.

I have two goals for this week's Spring Break: learn Pachelbel's Canon, and make a decent video just for fun. First, I need to find a good video editing software that is free or almost free. I'm open to suggestions!

Monday, March 2, 2009



Joshua asked me if there were such things as jetpacks. Once he found out there was, he decided he wanted one for his birthday.
Me: "They're really, really expensive."
Josh: "Well that will be the only thing I get, not even a party."
Me: "Still too expensive."
Josh: "I won't have presents or parties for SIX YEARS!!!"
Me: "Josh, they cost a million bagillions dollars."
Josh: "Oh."

This video is from the Jet P.I. site (Jetpack International). They are awesome. When all my friends go off and join the circus, I'm joining these guys.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


God's been nudging me lately. I know I'm not as good as I should be when it comes to sharing my faith with people I know, but recently I've had more opportunities (that I've seen) to tell people about God. I try to take those opportunities and use them, but there's one particular thing that's been bugging me 'cause I know I wasted it.

Basically what I'm saying is, I know God wants me to share with this person the love of God, and while I've been sort of skirting around the issue, He's not letting me forget it. This Wednesday I'll get another opportunity (God willing), and I pray for His strength to give me the courage and unselfishness (cause wanting to stay inside of my comfort zone is selfishness, isn't it?) to display His glory.

This song by Sara Groves really speaks my heart on the matter and has been a great encouragement for me. (Unfortunately, it's not on Youtube or anything so you'll have to download it. Sorry!)

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