Monday, March 30, 2009

It is Monday.

I mention the Mondayness of today because this means that in THREE DAYS I will be leaving for Scotland.

Oh wait, it's midnight. Never mind: it's Tuesday, and I have TWO DAYS.

Because I'm not that great of an advance planner (my mind doesn't work in the future), I didn't sort out the logistics or anything until, like, today. I probably wouldn't have even thought about the ticket unless we (everyone who's going on the trip) happened to buy it at the same time.

But things are rapidly coming together: I have a heavy leather coat (my first real winter coat since fourth grade! Go Texas weather!), a large suitcase (thank you nice neighbor-friends!), and a pair of fluffy socks to wear with boots. I need more.

The trip is much more stressful than anticipated for a few major reasons:
1) I'm unorganized. Plain and simple.
2) My mom is due to have baby Jacob any time now.
3) I will be missing an entire week of school. Also, I have two tests scheduled during my week of absence. My teacher graciously let me work around my schedule though, so that's good.
4) This is my first time out of the country. Or on any trip sans family. It will be unusual and kinda scary (I admit it!) for me.

On the up-side, I'm incredibly excited about seeing a new place. I've always wanted to travel - I have a wanderer's heart - and now that I'm going to, it's thrilling.

Hey wow, it's midnight. But I already said that.


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