Thursday, March 19, 2009

updateupdate! (alternate title: feel sorry for me)

In the past four days (that is 4, quatro, 2+2) I have had sixteen hours of sleep (that is 16, diez y seis, 4x4).

Monday I started my new job in Santa Fe, working as a secretary for a roofing company. The owner just so happens to be a guy who goes to my church (Carl!). I'll only be working for a total of two weeks, every other day, until I leave for Scotland. Filling in for Sarah, you see.
It's actually pretty neat, as I've never done any secretary work before. The notsoneat thing is that I get to drive an hour to work and back. I suppose I'd better get used to it, as that's probably what I'll be doing for my first semester at UH. An HOUR to get to school. I am NOT scheduling early classes.

I have wood flooring in my room now. I shouldn't say "now," like I didn't have it before, because I did. Plywood is considered wood flooring, right?
That took a couple days, during which my worldly possession were divided between the children's rooms, scattered across the hallways, and littered throughout the rest of the house. Getting dressed and finding binders for school in the morning was AMAZING.

Uhhh... lesseeeee. I also wrote a speech on Synesthesia (that's the whole entire speech! Gasp!) and a paper on opal gemstones (it's not finished yet, and also it's boring. You don't want to read it.)

I'm so tired. COFFEE BREAK.


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