Friday, April 3, 2009

first day in glasgow

I'm in a little cafe off a really really big bus stop right now, sitting at a window bar watching everyone walk past.

The weather is beautiful.
The cars are hilarious.
The fashion is much better.
I forgot to bring my adaptor with me to the cafe. I'm stupid.

So I flew for maybe ten hours to Amsterdam (where they spoke DUTCH), and then for an hour and a half more to Glasgow. I slept maybe two hours (max) throughout the flights, so I'm feeling kinda delirious right now. I'm more fortunate than Nat and Josh and John, though, cause they slept a total of fifteen minutes (and that was all Nat).

They have lifts, not elevators; "give way"s, not "yield"s; prams, not strollers, ETC.

Everything is almost twice as expensive, and I'm hungry and starving. STARVING, I say. I want to hoard my money, so I think I'll just starve (just kidding).

Time to use my battery power elsewhere.


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Sounds lovely. :) (Well, except for the sleep deprivation and starving part. lol.) Tell me you found your camera so that I can see PHOTOS? :)

Be safe...don't let some awesome Scottish guy kidnap you. :D lol.

<3, Jess

Tiph said...

Haha! I have been very lax with the pictures, but I'll try to do better. :/
Thanks! :P

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