Sunday, April 26, 2009

the eggs have eyes

It was one of those days: not enough caffeine, not enough sleep the night before, and it was food time. If I'm supposed to be in the kitchen eating, what's the best way to procrastinate? By decorating the food, of course. So I ran upstairs to grab a Sharpie, poured some dye into a glass and began.

Unfortunately, our family is all Organic and stuff, and we only had THREE white eggs. Brown eggs look silly when you try to color them. Doesn't work at all. But the three white eggs I found were promptly dunked into blue and orange-ish-pink stuff, and the others were drawn upon. Results as follows:

Egg isn't the best medium for showing off any drawing or typography skills I may have. That was an excuse for the mistakes, by the way.

My hope is that tomorrow morning, when someone goes to make eggs for their breakfast, they'll open the container and just shake their head. Maybe they'll save the pink flower for last, cause she's uber cute.


Robin Bastien said...

Cultural diversity amongst the eggdom. It's enjoyable to surprise the roommates in the morning with oddities in the kitchen. A few weeks ago I found a large number of empty buckets close to our apartment, so I brought them home and built a giant pyramid with them. My roommates thought they were tripping out the next morning.

I have to credit you on the "sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation" too.

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