Monday, April 27, 2009

lists of 7: internet browsers (part 1)

I was originally just going to make a "Firefox vs. Internet Explorer" post. Then I felt bad for leaving Google Chrome out. A quick Google search introduced me to Mozilla-powered Flock. Then I realized I've never used Safari. Then... you get the picture.

Let's start with the one I didn't like at all. Counting backwards...

7. SeaMonkey. This was mostly a filler thing. I needed a seventh browser, and hey look, SeaMonkey is a Mozilla project, so why not? Unfortunately, I didn't like anything about it. The design was obnoxious, and it didn't really have much to offer. Remember how IE 6 looked? It sorta looked like that.

Who should use it: No one, really. Its "features" as an IRC client and HTML editing browser is not impressive, seeing as other (better) browsers do the same thing.

6. Internet Explorer. Well. I have on my computer a little icon called "Global Warming." It's IE 7, and I try to touch it as little as possible. While IE has definitely progressed to be more safe and less cluttered-looking than previously, that's not saying much. 

Who should use it: People who like getting adware and pop-ups, people who still use AOL for their mail provider, and people who like foolishness.

5. FlockAlso a Mozilla-powered project, Flock focuses on the social networking part of internet browsing. It has various sidebars for media (like YouTube and Flickr), people (Facebook, Twitter), and it's own RSS feeds and blog uploader. What's extra great about it is that it runs pretty much exactly like Firefox. Add-ons, about:config tweaking: just like Firefox. 

Who should use it: Social networking zombies who like sharp design and can deal with a few flaws here and there.

4. Google Chrome. I love Google. So when I heard Google had a browser out, I jumped for it. But after using it, I found it's pretty plain Jane. Which is great if you want a fast-paced, sleek browsing experience (look at their search engine; they've got that down pat), but I personally like the bells and whistles that browsers like Firefox offer. 

Who should use it: No-nonsense webbies who prefer fewer features and faster results, encased in a minimalistic browser. And classic Google sass.

This is very long. Let's take a break, shall we? Continuation tomorrow.


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