Friday, April 10, 2009

very, very long flight

I am finally home.

Would anyone like to book me a ticket back? :D

The last couple days turned out to be the most stressful. We took an hour and a half flight to Amsterdam, and from there we flew to the United States. Most of the people were Dutch (since we were in Holland; surprise, surprise). Thankfully, we sat behind some nice kids on the ten-hour flight to the good ol' US of A, and they made me happy.
At one point, I ripped them out a page of my monster stickers and gave it to them. The little boy turned around at his mother's request and told me "Danke schön!" I smiled back and said "You're welcome!"

At that, his eyes got big (he was maybe 6 or 7) and he said, "Wow!! Dutch people can speak English?!"

He and his sister (they could have been twins, but I'm not sure) were the most well-behaved children I have ever seen on a flight. They had to be asked to settle down a couple times, but they stayed in their seats and talked nicely to each other. When the pilot announced that we were landing in Houston, they both got so excited and clapped, and told each other what they were going to do when they got there: Papa was surely going to pick them up from the airport (their granddad), and they would have SO MUCH FUN in Houston, because it was the best. So they said.

Then the boy turned back to talk to me. "Are you going to Houston?" he asked. "Yep," I replied. "I live in Houston." "Wow. I am going to Houston, but I do not live at Houston. I live at Switzerland!"

When we started descending low enough to see buildings and roads, his sister sang "Hello Houston!" And when everyone stood up to stand in the queue, the boy put his face in between the seats to whisper to me, "I'm leaving, maybe I will see you in the airport!"

Kids are so cute.

I'm back now. Exhausted, tired, and wanting to go back already.


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