Friday, May 1, 2009

caution: filler post

In lieu of an actual blog post with actual, meaningful, intelligent content, have some random pictures I uploaded from my cell phone.

My dog, shaking off the mosquitoes. And look we're growing roses!!

My workspace for art/drawing/crafting, below. It's usually a little messier with scrap papers and such.

Went to the park, and these two pictures were within a few feet of each other. I mean really, are these some sort of intelligent, rebellious duck?

Crazy Kit-Kat's from Scotland. MINT?! No. Just... no. See? Even I think so.

Woot, lame post is OVER.

And now, I go out of town.


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...




You're amazing, Tiph. :D

btw, I loved looking at the pictures! *grin* Oh, and your dog is adorable! :)

Robin Bastien said...

Grr @ you for having a workspace for art! All I have is my tiny bedroom that's too small to do much in, unless I'm working from bed. Studio! One day....

Texan91 said...

lolzz, tiph..I wish I had an art desk, even though I'd do nothing but scatter it with stories, and maybe a dozen papers filled with doodles..oh and I love seeing your hands all covering your face, you know. rofl.

where'd you go? out of town to...Richmond? :P

quact said...

My artistic side would be satisfied with a good graphics tablet for my computer :)

quact said...

oh and whats wrong with mint kitkats? Sure they ain't as good as the orange ones, but they're alright.

tiph said...

@Jessica: The picture post seems to be pretty popular, so I'll have to do more of them. :D

@Robin: Yeah, that was only a recent thing. I had to move my dresser out of my room (and into the bathroom... crowded!) in order to do that. Totally worth it, as I'm sure you know. :) Once you get space... pictures!! :D

@Sam: Stories go on my OTHER desk, not shown. Yes, I have two. :/ I kept ruining my story ideas with paint tests. :D If I LIVE in Richmond, that couldn't very well be out of town, could it? ;)

@James: Aw... I want one of those so badly. :/
MINT kitkats are weird. ORANGE kitkats are weird. Even the chocolate ones are gross (I don't like chocolate), but mint and orange? You UKanians are strange folk. :P

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