Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lists of 7: crazy tuesday

In roughly chronological order:

1. Today, I frosted a cake in my bedroom.
It was green. It didn't even take two weeks to make it so. (You know... two weeks for it to get moldy... hahaaayeah.)

It was all his idea. Really.

2. Before that, I went to the mall with my little brother to find shoelaces and skateboards, and I saw a grown man in a cape walking around. A full-length, black cape. Weird much?

3. I took my VERY LAST FINAL for the semester, and hopefully that means I now have an Associate's degree. (The hopefully part is hoping that I passed the class. :D)

4. One of my classmates decided it would be fun to come to class barefoot. When I asked him about it, he proceeded to give me a six-minute long diatribe of Yes, he is barefoot, and here is why, and this is how he usually dresses for school, but sometimes, and the cleanliness of his clothes, and...

5. Sometime after that, I burned taffeta. Not at school. It smells horrible, by the way. I may or may not post pictures of why I was burning taffeta.

6. So I was making a really cute vector bunny for cuteness' sake, when my vector program died. That's the only real reason I'm writing a post right now, because otherwise I'd still be messing with the exact slope of its smile. I'm only slightly sad about it.

7. [I get to seven and always have to think really hard. This should have been "lists of six."] So. I'm out of school. I don't really have work. Anyone have suggestions for post content? Things you would like to see on here that I'm not creative enough to think up myself? Comments are for a reason, people!

Also, I like Tuesdays almost as well as Mondays. Not quite, but almost.


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