Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lists of 7: things to do with Venus

Just a tidbit of information: I'm having serious difficulties figuring out what I want to major in. I was asked about it the other day, and I replied thusly --

Well it's "officially" English, something I had picked my first semester, but since then I've told people that I changed it to Jounalism, Psychology, Engineering, and Graphic Design.
But then I've been told by several people that I should go into writing. If I do end up doing a writing degree, I would emphasize the technical writing aspect (so I can get a job) and THEN I will get picked up by a major tech magazine and jump to editor and make tons of money and buy Venus. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. For now.

(this picture has nothing to do with anything, but by posting it I'm hoping for you to be all "wow, awesome," and totally love my blog for it. even though the dude who took the picture didn't technically give me permission to blog about it. visit all those links. they're all different.)

The point of all that is nothing really. Actually it is, it's to assure you that I'm not totally and completely insane, going around thinking up things to do with Venus. Even though I thought of buying it in the first place.

SO. We shall commence. These'll be short and sweet cause I have no attention span right now. Remember the no caffeine? YEAH.

Numero Uno (did you guys know it's Cinco de Mayo? Let's be Habla Espanol and all. I am Mexican and stuff.): Break the world record for largest game of Ping Pong. Pay five trillion dollars to get anyone to publish the event.

Numero Dos: Papier mache the entire thing like you would with a balloon, and then pop the center to leave a nice hollow sphere perfect for a birthday pinata.

Numero Tres: Paint it orange. Y'know, just 'cause.

Numero Quatro: Put it up for trade on Craigslist, saying that you live out of the country where the product is located and just need to get rid of it, and an iPod or XBox360 would be plenty sufficient.

Numero Cinco: Use it as an exercise ball!! Lose tons of fat and get lots of muscle!!

Numero Seis: Hide it in Area 51, and then claim that the government is keeping something from us. Conspiracy theories = tonsoffun.

Numero Siete (this one's from my sister): Use it as a World Control Center for military maps/missiles. Because Russia knows we need another Cold War. Just... planetary..

Totally kidding, Russia.

By the way, the real reason why this is a list of 7, is because I only know how to count to seven in Spanish.


James said...

Great as the written stuff in the post is, it's somewhat overshadowed by the stunning photo :P

tiph said...

I know, right?? :P

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