Saturday, May 23, 2009

look, a sunset

I love sunsets. I take loads of pictures of them, of the sun when it's right above the treeline, shining visible rays of brightness. The sky turns amazing shades of orange and blue, clouds reflecting the glory of it.

Also, sunsets mean that pretty soon it will be dark and everyone will be asleep and I'll have time to draw and paint undisturbed!

So! How's Oklahoma going?

Well, there's been lots of relative-visiting and cow-seeing going on. Today I visited an old warehouse/car shop(?). We couldn't quite figure out what it was. You can find some of the pictures in my Flickr set exurbia: a study in black and white.

Tonight is the first night that I stayed up past midnight since I arrived in Oklahoma!

Hello, 2 am! I missed you!

Apologies to everyone for my content being more disjointed and choppy than normal: I'm not feeling quite myself tonight. It must be a lack of candy. Speaking of which, I have some salt-water taffy. So. Good.

And that's all the time we have for today, boys and girls.

(photo: shades of orange and blue by Me on Flickr)


James said...

Those are some nice colours :D

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