Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Sometimes I wish I could raise my [potential] kids in this era. Or even further back, when America was brand new. It's only slightly idealistic: pounding out a living from the new, hard ground; looking across open plains at nothing but your own land, covered in crops on a good year, looking through tears at an empty field on a bad one; children growing up with a knowledge of the difference between "want," and "need"; seeing God's wild and glorious Creation, yet untainted by concrete roads and steel buildings.

I'm a city girl, usually. But sometimes, the challenge of starting with something new in the middle of nowhere with almost nothing gets to my heart. There wouldn't be internet, there would be true adventure. No luxury, but more of a need to trust God and really be thankful for the things I did have.

Besides, instant gratification is overrated.

(photo via Found Magazine)


quact said...

might I suggest you join the Amish ;)

tiph said...

No. No you may not. :D

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