Saturday, May 9, 2009

symphonies and projects

The first notes swelled into pleasant dissonance; violin, flute, cello - each singing their own little song before order is brought to the would-be symphony. The conductor arrives to an audience of applause, and, turning to face his battalion, raises his hand in expectation. Each member of the orchestra raises his or her weapon, poised for the beginning.

The hand comes down: the strings are struck, flutes put to lips, mallets to drums, and the concerto begins.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending the symphony with some friends. After an ordeal of finding the place, maneuvering through Downtown in a Suburban, and rushing to the Hall on time, we heard the glorious Violin Concerto in D Major by Beethoven, followed by a Bartok piece called Concerto for Orchestra.

It was lovely, being able to dress up and listen to the orchestra pour their hearts into their instruments. While Beethoven's work was, of course, nice, I very much enjoyed Bartok's concerto. The music was more passionate and vigorous than Beethoven's (and it got pretty loud towards the end...), and it was all around brilliantly composed and performed.

Now, as for my earlier post. I bet you guys just assumed that I did all of my goals, right?

Yeah, wrong.

I did take pictures, though I won't upload them until tomorrow (so tired!), and almost finished the nothing-thing. The only reason why it's still incomplete is because it's waiting on my brother to do something first. HIS FAULT. ALL HIS FAULT.

As for the other two... I forgot, okay?

Having so much trouble keeping my eyes open. That's sad.


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