Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this is a day made of win

First, I woke up. Huge plus, that.

I'm sure I did a lot of important (not) stuff during the day, but the very much exciting stuff happened at night. I decoded .flac files for my not-arrived-yet mp3 player, and then bought (bought!!) a CD by Joby Talbot. And then I didn't buy another CD by the same composer.

Next, I guided a certain person through the complicated download process of a CD that I also tracked down. It was an arduous process. We battled dangers and viruses without ever having to leave our chairs.

Sometime before that, I cut out random rectangles of fabric in hopes that they would magically turn themselves into a dress. When that didn't happen, I incorrectly measured and cut out a random triangle-ish piece of green and ladybug-spotted material, and I'm still unsure as to what to do with it. Maybe Nothing.

Throughout the weekend and today especially I have been greatly encouraged by a friend, which further adds to the win-ness that is Today.

ALSO! Remember that non-thing I was making? The little things in the red pot is it. The picture gives it no justice.

Next post will have a really quick how-to, for no other reason than I want to. Look how cute my siblings are... aww....

Anyway. Today is made of win. I knew I loved Mondays for a good reason.


quact said...

a day made of win :D.

a story to inspire you in a more suitable methodology for magically creating dresses.

tiph said...

Are you saying I should go around making shoes (so someone else can make the dress for me), or I should find myself some elves to make dresses for me? =o

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