Friday, June 26, 2009

vegetarian! candy sushi: best of both worlds

Edit! Robin of Ocular Harmony pointed out that the candy and rice alternative makes it all vegetarian! Woo! (I mean, I love my meat and all, but it's a cool idea.)

Let's be honest: Sushi is gross. If you like it, you are weird (I'm looking at you, my-eight-year-old-brother). But no matter. We (should) all agree that candy is better than sushi, and after coming to that conclusion, we may move on to better things.

Like making a hybrid of the two (sorta like the African Killer Bees, or those nifty little cars that make no sound whatsoever).

Pictures courtesy of my eleven year-old sister and a very moody camera. Idea blatantly stolen from Mommy Knows blog. Her pictures are much better, so read mine first.

The camera gives an amazing display of its focusing abilities. Now everyone, ignore the water bottle and admire the almost-square of the rice crispy treat in the background. (I'm going to buy a better camera, I promise.)

Also notice the already-made sushi in the corner. These pictures make no chronological sense whatsoever. Or any other kind of sense.

What you will need (assuming you are going to try this project):

  • home made rice crispy treats. Add a few extra marshmallows to be sure it doesn't get too crispy and then flatten the out in a pan.
  • candy licorice, gummy worms, and jujube fish
  • fruit roll-ups (the green ones are preferable as that's what color sushi generally is. Here I've used whatever we found in the pantry)
  • children. Who else is supposed to eat the scraps?

Now pretend you have a picture of me cutting the Twizzlers and gummy worms, arranging them on the square of flattened rice crispy treats, and rolling.

Now pretend that roll is in the picture below, getting ready to be rolled into that fruit roll-up I'm unrolling from its roll.

Roll it up nice and tight (be careful not to roll the rice crispy/worm combo more than once as it'll get too thick and such, so trim the excess with a knife or scissors [clean them first!]), and slice into sushi slices. Don't eat it yet.

Because you will have leftovers to finish off. See the little rice crispy treat pieces? They will become flat sushi things, and that's where the fishies (excuse me, sea kittens) come in. Chop your excess treats into leetle squares, like so:

Add fish.

Wrap with leftover fruit roll-ups (or break into a new pack and eat the excess yourself).

Ta-da! You now have candy sushi.
And not so much as a decent picture of it. For shame.


Allie said...

this is awesome, Tiph! would make fun finger food for a party. plus, I LOVE gummy candy.

Robin Bastien said...

haha, I laughed at the 'add fish' part. The candy worms and fish also make it vegetarian too :)

Melody Thomas said...

Im a bit confused, the post is titled 'vegetarian', but the recipe list includes marshmellows. Did I miss something...? Im just wondering because I was searching for a vegetarian recipe for candy sushi, but that wouldnt enclude marshmellows, or gummy worms, or anything with gelatin :T

Anonymous said...

It's vegetarian, not vegan.

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