Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lists of 7: reasons why I have not been blogging

Alternate title: Tiph Gets Off the Internet.

1. It all started because of the Oklahoma trip. I got out of the habit of staying up late and blogging at one in the morning, so when I came home, I was sorta "meh" about the whole thing again. I had things to do during the day, and I had to re-train myself to stay up past midnight. Once I got into a routine again, I found myself spending my late hours drinking tea and reading books. (That is part of my plan to get America to kick me out and the UK to let me in!!)

2. I sorta started to write a CSS layout for the blog.
I pretty much stopped, but it's still there in the back of my head and in the middle of one of my sketchbooks. I am determined to finish it!

3. I used midnight hours to clean house.
When everyone is asleep, no child is there to ruin what I just picked up. And it's quiet, and dark, and I have tea... :D

4. I made desserts!
And Dutch food, and french bread. Not everyone liked the french bread idea, though, as someone said I could just go to the store and buy it. Not going to mention any names or anything.

5. I wrote more.
It sounds almost counter-intuitive, but I found that when I'm not blogging a lot, I use that writing energy to do other things, like short stories! But now I'm done with that (for now), so maybe I WILL blog more!

6. I opened an Etsy shop!!
Find the Cirrus Cards shop here, and support the economy! :D There aren't very many cards listed (there's a fee for every item I list), so if you don't see something you want, feel free to ask.

7. I'm just lazy, sometimes.
Sometimes I prefer to read a magazine and draw circles on scrap paper than get online. Tons of things have been going on, so it's nice to have some time where I don't have to do ANYTHING, not even blog. But don't worry, I'm back! (probably)


Robin Bastien said...

Ha, web-based writing and just "writing" sure are two seperate entities, and it's important for people to realize this, so good for you for writing more.

Oh, finish the CSS layout too, I'd like to see the results :). Lazyness and "time management" are two things that contribute to my non-blogging self lately, so I'm just starting to make a push.

Have a good weekend!

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