Wednesday, June 3, 2009

little ones

Good morning boys and girls, and welcome to today's edition of Tiph Likes Caffeine.

Yesterday and today I have been mostly sick. Just a random cold type thing, and now it's gone! That means I had a whole three days worth of sleep and now it's time to expend all that energy on the internet!

A couple exciting things happened recently. Remember when my dog's girlfriend Daisy managed to come home from the pound?

She was apparently accepted back into the society of her original family, and two days ago, a girl showed up telling us that she had our dog's puppies. Sorry for the fuzzy pic, the lighting was really bad.

Two of them have six toes, the Great Pyrenees trademark, and all of them are white. A couple are fluffy. For having a little yellow lab for a mom, they're big puppies. And they are so. cute.

The same day we found out about the puppies, we found out about these:

My cat, Joy, had four little kittens. They're healthy and fat little ones, so we're happy.

Tune in next time for a new Lists of 7 post. It's about time I got another one of those up.


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