Monday, June 29, 2009

the Texas heat, sans Texas rain

No rain. Thirty-five days of no rain.
Thirty-five days of no rain, and temperatures that reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit last Tuesday. Clear blue Texas skies, without even a few clouds for shade or hope. There was a promise of a thunderstorm a couple times - last week we heard thunder; today the forecast lied.
Still no rain.

No rain means dead grass, dry leaves.
I will not be smiling if I can't light some fireworks.

So now everyone's crossing their fingers - the barometric pressure seems to be going up, so maybe we'll get a tropical or something. I'd be fine with a hurricane.


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Don't feel too bad, Tiph. Here in Illinois it's ILLEGAL to light fireworks. :P Talk about a retarded law! It's so frustrating- especially when you came from Texas (the most amazing state in the US) where everything wonderful is LEGAL.

Sorry, lol. I had to rant to someone! :D

Of course, no rain and no fireworks IS annoying. I hope it rains so you can enjoy the 4th properly!!

<3, Jess

tiph said...

What?! No fireworks, at all, EVER?! :( That's an unAmerican way to spend Independence Day, Lincoln's state of all states should know. Well, if I can, I'll light extra ones for you guys. :D

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