Friday, July 3, 2009

i did something today

When I went to the library today, a girl came up to me and held out a box.
"Take this," she said. She had brown hair, brown eyes, about an average height, but I knew I'd never seen her before.
"Sorry, maybe you've mistaken me for someone else?" I asked. I had a pile of books I was carrying and a shop to get to before it closed; I smiled politely and began to walk away. She held her hands out, a motion for me to stop.
"Please, wait! I know you don't know me, but please take it." She seemed eager. I appraised the box warily; it was as average as the girl carrying it, tied neatly with string.
"What is it?" Do strangers usually give random people boxes?
"An heirloom," she said simply. Smiling an encouragement, she pushed it towards me again. I shifted the books to one arm and took it, and as soon as it was in my grasp she turned around and left the building.

That's not suspicious at all.

I took the box and my books to a back table. As I untied the string, I hoped it wasn't something horrid like a poisonous snake or a bomb. An heirloom? Maybe a... necklace? Old key? To a mansion?

Inside the box, wrapped in cloth, was a green and blue egg, three times a normal egg size. Totally random. I picked it up carefully, wondering why I got a plastic egg in a box. The latch was weird, though: it was on the skinny top part of the egg, a little white thing that... I pushed into egg. There was a little hole where the latch had once been. Not frustrating at all! I figured I could pry it open if I had a pen or something, so I grabbed one from the librarian's desk. And came back to find the latch back in place. Except in a different place. And then the whole thing moved, and while I watched (calmly, mind you), the egg cracked, shattered, and revealed a baby dragon.

In a library. From a box a strange girl gave me. I did the only logical thing and took it home with me, where it now lives happily in my backyard.

If you couldn't tell by now, none of the above is true. I didn't even go to the library today. I did paint though. That was fun.


Josh Blackwood said...

That's kinda interesting, as I seem to have lost my dragon egg...

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