Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no apologies!

Last time I updated, I had cupcakes. That was around two weeks ago. So, what's happened since then?

Tons of stuff.

I have this really annoying trait in me that says I can either Write Blog Updates, or Write Stories. Not both. I bet you smart people can guess which one I picked for the past two weeks!

I've done half a dozen or so major art-things (what am I supposed to call them, anyway?). My art desk is an absolute MESS (where is my ruler?!). Project One has been dubbed Art From Words, thanks to Brendan (woo for comments).

So, let's see, what else? Still reading (a lot), doing all sorts of things with the kids (we went to the beach three weeks in a row!), and generally being an older sister.

I finally got my thunderstorms. (I accidentally saved the resized version of this picture, which is why it looks blurry. I want to be upset that I ruined the photo, but I don't have time right now.)

More updates to follow, hopefully regular. My 100th post is coming up soon, and I'm trying to think of something awesome to do for it. Ideas welcome.


Allie said...

Where do you live? The thunderstorm pic makes me nostalgic for the Midwest (I grew up in KS).

tiph said...

Texas! We get some really great ones, though lately there's been a serious lack of rain. State-wide burn ban, even!

James said...

I save a backup before I touch any photos, nice pic though :)

Josh Blackwood said...

I'm loving that picture. Wondered where you got off to. Erm, sorry I haven't emailed you in awhile.

So, where might I find these stories you've been writing?

Robin Bastien said...

Neat pic! We've been getting nothing but thunderstorms in Montreal.

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