Saturday, July 11, 2009

of mice and drivers (laptop rant!)

My computer was running really, really slowly today. And yesterday and the day before, too, but today was just over-the-top snailpace. It occurred to me that I had just uploaded a bunch of pictures, and maybe I should check the space on my disk?

So I did. I had 299 MB left. Not even half a gig. So I had to go around My Documents and Add or Remove Programs to get superfluous things out. Like iTunes. iTunes does not deserve to be taking up precious space from my computer. So that took a while, and now I have an entire 2.45 GB. Woo.

Option 1: Buy a new laptop. That'd be the ideal option, but expensive. I want a mini-laptop. That has a 1.5 GHz (at least. Two would be awesome), and 2 gigs of RAM. Again, at least. Also, a webcam and mic, relatively decent graphics card (it's not like I need to game on it or anything, though...), and (in case this wasn't clear), it has to be mini. And probably not an Acer.

(When I worked at RadioShack, every single Acer we sold either had to be exchanged for another one due to defects [often more than one time], or just returned permanently due to stupid things like hardware drivers randomly disappearing. Once, I took one out of the box, showed it to the customer, and lo and behold! The keyboard driver stopped existing. There one second, not the next. The mouse was next. I had to plug in an external mouse and keyboard and reinstall them. Not annoying at all!)

Option 2: Buy an external hard drive. Why would I want something else to have to hook up to my computer when I need it? Oh yeah, I don't. Still, cheaper than an entire new laptop. And an entire terabyte of space is pretty awesome-sounding sometimes... :D

Option 3: Do nothing.

Guess which one I'm going to do? Taking into account a brand new Canon dSLR purchased earlier this month, I totally cannot justify either of those expenses so soon. Guess who will be storing her photos on flash drives?


Josh Blackwood said...

"Drives"? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The word you are looking for is 'drivers.' In relation to keyboards, at least. Yes, I'm still a grammar Nazi.

Have you looked at your partitions? You may have a second Windows partition that doesn't show up in Computer, that's used for backups. you can probably format this and use it for storage, if that is the case. Might need to use an Ubuntu LiveCD to check.

In the meantime, shoot in JPG and delete the really bad ones. I still haven't been bothered to buy an external drive, myself. I need to, but I still have 30 or so gigs on my photos partition...

Oh, download CCleaner and run it. It will free up another couple or three gigs for you.

tiph said...

Yep, that's probably what I mean. That's what I get for posting past my bedtime. ^_^

Done that. Last year. :D

CCleaner is also a friend.

I went through most of my photos and deleted stuff. I haven't gone through all of the recent stuff as there's just SOOO MUCH. :(

tiph said...

Just want you to know that I almost edited "external hard drive" to "external hard drivers." It would have been your fault. :D

Josh Blackwood said...

I think this calls for a, "Teehee."

James said...

Burning DVDs of photos is a relatively cheap and easy way of backing up stuff.

I've spent whole days at work installing drivers on computers :P

They say the difference between a pro and an amateur photographer is the pro deletes way more photos ;)

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