Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project 1 and Project 2

This morning, as I was planting herbs in the garden, it started raining. It looked and sounded like it was going to be an amazing thunderstorm... but then it disappointed. No storm. Just a burst of rain and a hint of thunder.

Several hours later, came another similar display. I was driving home from the library, and when I saw the clouds, I pulled over and snapped some pictures before it started raining.

It did rain, but only for a few minutes. The clouds passed, and my plants are sad.

Rewind a bit.
At the library, I picked up several (hopefully) awesome books, one of which is called Mixed Mania. It's supposed to be a how-to guide into the world of mixed media art, but I borrowed it mostly for its inspiration value. Already I'm getting some awesome ideas: creating an artbook filled daily with some demonstration of mixed media. The thing that clicked for me was every day. A long term project. I can totally do this.

Another idea, unrelated to the book, centers around my avid reading. For each book read, I'll create a major piece of art (major defined as something that took some time and thought. Sketching out a stick figure in my sketchbook will not count). That should keep me actively gleaning for creative ideas from things I expose myself to, as well as keep the projects going.

These two projects need names. I leave that to the mercy of my readers.


brendanobrien said...

ok, see...once I get started, I cannot stop...

I love the sound of that major-art-piece-for-any-book-read project. And, even though I'm not that quick with my reading, I am in a reading stint at the moment, so may be inspired to do that project myself! I see nobody took you up on your readers-name-my-projects challenge. I'm going to call it the Art From Words project.

Speaking of projects, when things are on the okay line in my life I try to set myself projects regularly, to continue to stimulate my creativity. It sounds like you do too Tiph, and I wonder if you are also a disciple of 52 Projects. I had the book on pre-order, and when I got it in the mail I read it in a couple of days.


My feeling is that I've already told you about the main one I'm doing at the moment, inspired by my re-discovery of the 100 words site, where, instead of just doing a month, I bought a nice journal and am determined to keep going daily until it is full (at least). So far it has had its difficulties to actually find the time always, but there has only been a couple of times I've not written on the day itslef. But I've never gotten more than a day behind before making it up. :O)

tiph said...

Art From Words - I like that!

I've never heard of 52 Projects, but I'll have to look it up.

Journals are an amazing way to track creative thoughts (or the notsocreative ones, too). It's really neat to be able to look back on what you thought a couple months prior. At least it is to me, since I tend to change opinions and perspectives pretty much constantly. NOT SO FUN reading high school diaries. Bleck.

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