Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rain, a fuzzy bumblebee, a poll, and "majorly"

It finally rained today. After the thunder and lightning stopped, everything glowed with an eerie light. The whole world looked green, even the air.

And then the sun set and everything just looked dark.
End Thought Process One.

Behold the bumblebee. Notice its fuzzy cuddliness, and it's tiny little wings. Isn't it cute? Don't be silly, it's a bumblebee. No one hugs a bumblebee. Except me. One day!!
Anyway, we don't have fuzzy bumblebees where I live, and so this is a novelty to me.
(Photo courtesy of Jim's Photography.)

In other news, I've been really gadget-y lately. I'm looking into getting a new camera (a nice one) so I can get pictures with the focus on the subject and not random water bottles. So far, I'm struggling between a Nikon D40 and a D60. (How does one pronounce "Nikon"? Does the "Ni" part rhyme with "eye" or "knee"? This is a very important matter [I'm trying to win an argument], so consider this an official poll.) Anyway, so that's a want. Today, I got my ThinkGeek package in, containing a mini stereo, complete with bass vacuum.

I don't know what that means.

But whatever, it works nicely. Also, majorly is not technically a word.


James said...

nai-kon, nik-on or nee-kon? I use the first, but a lot of photog videos refer to the second.

Allie said...

I vote nai-kon, but I'm not a photog so, yknow, it might be the second.

Texan91 said...

It's Nai-kon, I believe. That's how everybody I know pronounces it. Rhyming with "eye". :P

Does that help?

tiph said...

So far that's three votes for me! :D

Josh Blackwood said...

It's Nai- (rhymes with 'eye') kon.

I would recommend the D40, as it's what I have, but it seems you have already went with a Canon. :D


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