Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First (and conveniently, the only) order of business: the Nascar trip.

So Friday night, at around 10 pm, me and my dad headed out to the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. It took almost twenty hours to get there, due to a couple of wrong turns and such. I drove 14 or so of those hours, my beginning shift being from 10pm to almost 6 in the morning. Two hours later I drove again.

I liked the drive at night: it was quiet and there were barely any cars around. I'm really good at staying awake late, so that was no problem for me.

Race was interesting, and I got to use my awesome telephoto lens for close up shots of the cars. The parking was horrendous. We had to park a few miles away, and a lady in a van took us to the front gate for a tip. The real fun was getting back to the car again - an hour and a half, mostly going uphill. After driving all day. Not very pleasant.

The next day at 8am we started our trek back home. "That's the longest I've driven just to go somewhere for three hours," my dad said on the way home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

drafts and roadtrips

So yesterday was my 100th-post-but-not-really 95th post. Meaning I had six drafts sitting in my post-box thing, and some of them make me laugh (or shake my head sadly).

Lads and Gals, I present:
The Blog Posts That Never Were
by Me

"I don't really have anything to say right now. Usually I try to avoid mindless posts, but I feel like I'm neglecting my blog, and surely even mindless posting is better than that?


Be astounded with my level of depth.
(I actually do have a post that started out like that in January, but it fleshed itself out somehow.)

"Yesterday I went to lunch with"

Great story.

(no title)
"This week has been full of Lazy. So lazy, in fact, that it feels like it should already be Friday because of all the things I haven't done."


Not included in this "The Blog Posts That Never Were" feature are a couple duplicates, and one containing mean statements directed to a non-existent test reader. I always make my "test posts" mean.

Next line of thought.

Tomorrow night I will joyfully ride through the night for 16 hours, where I will then be subjected to a Nascar race.

Nothing in the previous sentence contains sarcasm, except for the kind you use when you're "joking" to someone about how horribly they (choose one) work/look/live/annoy me, but you're really telling the truth, and then the person acts all hurt but you put your hands up in mock innocence, eyes wide, and say, "What?! I was only joking!"
That kind of sarcasm is present.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the whole trip. It'll be me and my dad, and snacks and rock 'n roll, and buying tons of coffee to stay awake as we drive through the morning. The race, notsomuch, but I can deal. Especially with a book to keep me company!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not actually the 100th post. but here, pictures instead.

Well, 100 blog posts since (*goes to check*) uh, last December. And it's August. Man, I'm a super slow blogger.

My blog only accounts for 94 posts!! Ha!

This just in:
Tiph has six DRAFTS in her post count. Which, really, don't count.
Six more to go. This is funny. :D

And moving along, like this never happened...

So yesterday I made a laptop sleeve with a pattern from ars technica. I measured incorrectly, and it was too small. So today I made another one, and guess what??
It's too big. But it'll be just right for a computer and it's power cord, so it's all good.

I had some extra fabric and decided to make a phone case, as well.

That one I actually gave to my mom.

Tomorrow I will be sewing even moar. But: baby pictures!!

Little Caleb (I think he's four months now). (Note: he's not my kid. He's my 19-years-younger-than-me brother.)

I'm such a horrible sister, giving him a pen. He gets very intense when he holds things, like it takes all his concentration and willpower to GRAB THAT AMAZING THING WHAT IS IT?!

More photos on Flickr.

Alrighty, so it's not actually the 100th post, but in five more posts it will be. Any ideas as to how to make it a super awesome 100th post? I've got an idea in already: Let you peoples choose my next painting. Any and all other ideas welcome (read: demanded).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

your daily dose of Phoenix

Saturday I went on an impromptu beach trip with my good friend Sarah, complete with snow-cones, caramel apples, iced tea lemonade and dangling our feet in the water, watching little fishies go by.

That night I sketched a drawing of a phoenix.

We had a few guests over (more excuses to make cake! Yay!), after which we rescued puppies from the pound. Long story. When I get some decent pictures of them, I'll tell it.
I painted the phoenix (I didn't even get mad at the paints or canvas!); did a happy dance.

Obligatory Awesome part of Monday:
I made cookies.
Mind you, I had already made cake, yes? Yes. But in addition to that, I also made cookies. Because that is how I roll.
And what time did I make these cookies, might you ask? Eleven o'clock. At night.
So yeah, now it's past midnight and... just that: it's midnight. You shouldn't even be reading this because you should be asleep because it is midnight right now, okay.

I should try to refrain from these midnight postings. I tend to use bold too much.

Jem's feeling rather sad and lonely, and she probably thinks I don't like her anymore, but that isn't true, and - whoa! I only blogged twice last week? That's lame.

Anyway, that's it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

always classy

Earlier today I went out with my BFF Brianna (oh yes, I just said BFF) to The Cheesecake Factory. In case anyone has any doubts on the specialty of this restaurant, they serve a kazillion and a half kinds of cheescakes.

So we show up, sit at a booth, order water, and plan to split a meal since the portions they serve are huge. Flip through the menus, ladeeda, talktalk... the waitress comes for our order twice before we decide to actually figure out what we're going to eat.

"What do you want?" Bri asks me.
"Uh. What are you in the mood for?"
"Honestly? Chick-fil-A."
I stare at her. "Seriously? Because, y'know, Chick-fil-A is a lot cheaper than here."
"Yeah, and I've been wanting it for three days and I haven't been able get it..."
"Why didn't you tell me that before we sat down?!" I ask. Very calmly.

So then we sit there and go through every possible scenario of getting to Chick-fil-A from here, including less tactful ones (getting up and walking out right then and there, for example). We ended up ordering cheesecake, eating it, THEN walking down the street to Chick-fil-A.
We turned down a nice restaurant for... fast food. Classy, I tell ya.

I did have one complaint: I wanted red velvet cheescake (because it's the best thing, even before sliced bread), and they didn't have any. I thought that if I asked enough times, they'd give me some or a piece might magically appear, but noooo.

And then I walked barefoot in a bookstore. Poor little orphan child me.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It started with a happy sun, and ended with scones and tea.
Anything that happened in between couldn't possibly ruin the Monday Story. Sorta like a book. You've got a solid beginning, maybe a really disturbing or sad middle (everybody dies, etc), and then at the end, Happy Ending! Someone is alive! Someone falls in love!

Anyway, I'm making a really lame metaphor relating Mondays to books.
In case I'm not writing coherently.

So I have a green-painted canvas sitting on my desk waiting for me. Nope, no sneak previews.

Oh, and school starts in two weeks. An awesome New Thing is happening for me this fall when school starts. Instead of going to university, I'll be teaching.
More specifically, I'll be homeschooling.
Even MORE specifically, I'll be handling the schooling of my four younger siblings who are in school. This means field trips and Fun Stuff and pre-algebra for the 10- and 11- year-olds.

This is a random picture that I (probably mistakenly) thought was funny. Obviously the book cart above is suspected of criminal crimes, and a citizen's arrest was promptly enforced.

I finished my scone! Isn't that the end of the story?

(Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Beall)

Friday, August 7, 2009

mini-post alert!

Guess what? I'm super tired. And totally lame tonight.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out of town for my grandmother's surprise birthday party.
To make up for my lack of a post, here, have a picture of the birthday card I made.

Isn't it stunning?

Please say yes. I'm tired and I might cry.

Random fact of the day!
Someone found my blog last month through Google by searching "Do eggs have caffeine?"

Dear Confused in July,
No, eggs do not in fact have caffeine. Unless of course you boil them in a cola. Boiled Cola Eggs, everyone's favorite breakfast!

I think the other alternative to getting caffeine into your eggs (because I'm sure that's why you asked in the first place) is to dunk your egg, fried or scrambled, into a cup of strong coffee.
Hugs and pogo sticks, Abby Tiph

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

you shall not pass

Today, I faced a great and grave danger. Only a few hours ago, I stood at the gates of horrors and laughed. At least I think I did. I'm pretty sure I laughed at least one time during the ordeal.

(Commercial Break)

Anyway, so I went to the craft/hobby store today. I had a reason. I promise, I did. I was out of 3x5 canvases and I've found they're my favorite. Anyway, that store is a giant TRAP for people like me. It's Ooh pretty paper, Wow that's a neat paintbrush, Whoa I need those stickers/paints/pencils/markers/chalks/etc. So usually I go in for one thing and come out with ten other things as well.

In my defense, it's a lot cheaper to buy art supplies than to go on a clothes-or-shoes shopping spree. So there.

I use the word So a lot.
SO ANYWAY (teehee), the awesome thing I brought home today is something I've been eyeing for a while....

India Ink!
Shown with a bamboo quill pen thingie.

There's some sort of special skill needed in order to work this thing. I bought brushes for them, but I'm afraid to try them right now. I might destroy something. Imagine an India ink-stained Tiph? It's permanent. It never goes away.


Oh yeah, and the reason for the blog title? Every time I think of danger I think of the scene in Lord of the Rings in which Gandalf very authoritatively advises the monster that he shall not pass. I take a paragraph to say this because I have nothing else to say.

Monday, August 3, 2009

atoms and baby deer

What you are looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is the fruit of my six hour painting thingy. (You may be thinking, What, that took her six hours? Ridiculous! Yes, my good friends. It took me that long. Because I am lame and can't decide on colors and ink.)
In case anyone needs explanation, it's a nuclear atom (inaccurate as of 1913) with a chick standing on top of the nucleus, shooting lightning from her hands.

I remembered something recently and thought I'd share it. It's about a baby deer who runs in front of my Suburban! And doesn't die!

So I'm driving down my country road in the afternoon sometime, lalala, when a doe runs out onto the street. The usual slamming-on-brakes stuff ensues; I'm the only one going whichever direction I'm going so no one hits me. Yay. The deer continues on with plenty of space in between us, and so I begin to accelerate.

And then! A baby deer pops out!

O hai big roaring things. Need to get to my mom. Not run over me, kthxbai.

There is no way I can stop in time. There is also no way I'm going to swerve off the road into a ditch, or into the oncoming lane that is occupied by a large, moving van, while six children are in my truck.

So I do what anyone would do in the situation: I scream!
And somewhere in the confusion, the little fawn slips and trips and skids and I manage to realize that HE FELL and is not moving, so I speed up again (so I can straddle his little body before he gets up again), and he jumps up, shakes himself, and runs across the road.

Yes. I am a baby deer life saver.
I will take my badge of honor now, thanks.

who i am!

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