Wednesday, August 12, 2009

always classy

Earlier today I went out with my BFF Brianna (oh yes, I just said BFF) to The Cheesecake Factory. In case anyone has any doubts on the specialty of this restaurant, they serve a kazillion and a half kinds of cheescakes.

So we show up, sit at a booth, order water, and plan to split a meal since the portions they serve are huge. Flip through the menus, ladeeda, talktalk... the waitress comes for our order twice before we decide to actually figure out what we're going to eat.

"What do you want?" Bri asks me.
"Uh. What are you in the mood for?"
"Honestly? Chick-fil-A."
I stare at her. "Seriously? Because, y'know, Chick-fil-A is a lot cheaper than here."
"Yeah, and I've been wanting it for three days and I haven't been able get it..."
"Why didn't you tell me that before we sat down?!" I ask. Very calmly.

So then we sit there and go through every possible scenario of getting to Chick-fil-A from here, including less tactful ones (getting up and walking out right then and there, for example). We ended up ordering cheesecake, eating it, THEN walking down the street to Chick-fil-A.
We turned down a nice restaurant for... fast food. Classy, I tell ya.

I did have one complaint: I wanted red velvet cheescake (because it's the best thing, even before sliced bread), and they didn't have any. I thought that if I asked enough times, they'd give me some or a piece might magically appear, but noooo.

And then I walked barefoot in a bookstore. Poor little orphan child me.


Bri said...

Hahahaha! ILY forever ^.^ (Yes, I stole your smiley, it was too cute to not take)

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