Monday, August 3, 2009

atoms and baby deer

What you are looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is the fruit of my six hour painting thingy. (You may be thinking, What, that took her six hours? Ridiculous! Yes, my good friends. It took me that long. Because I am lame and can't decide on colors and ink.)
In case anyone needs explanation, it's a nuclear atom (inaccurate as of 1913) with a chick standing on top of the nucleus, shooting lightning from her hands.

I remembered something recently and thought I'd share it. It's about a baby deer who runs in front of my Suburban! And doesn't die!

So I'm driving down my country road in the afternoon sometime, lalala, when a doe runs out onto the street. The usual slamming-on-brakes stuff ensues; I'm the only one going whichever direction I'm going so no one hits me. Yay. The deer continues on with plenty of space in between us, and so I begin to accelerate.

And then! A baby deer pops out!

O hai big roaring things. Need to get to my mom. Not run over me, kthxbai.

There is no way I can stop in time. There is also no way I'm going to swerve off the road into a ditch, or into the oncoming lane that is occupied by a large, moving van, while six children are in my truck.

So I do what anyone would do in the situation: I scream!
And somewhere in the confusion, the little fawn slips and trips and skids and I manage to realize that HE FELL and is not moving, so I speed up again (so I can straddle his little body before he gets up again), and he jumps up, shakes himself, and runs across the road.

Yes. I am a baby deer life saver.
I will take my badge of honor now, thanks.


Anonymous said...

:D Good driver for not running into the ditch with the six kids!!

James said...

whoop whoop!! *because one whoop just wasn't enough :D*

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Very artsy painting! Good job! :)

Hail to thee, baby deer saver! :D hehe. It kind of looks like Bambie, don't you think? Baby animals are so cute!

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