Friday, August 21, 2009

drafts and roadtrips

So yesterday was my 100th-post-but-not-really 95th post. Meaning I had six drafts sitting in my post-box thing, and some of them make me laugh (or shake my head sadly).

Lads and Gals, I present:
The Blog Posts That Never Were
by Me

"I don't really have anything to say right now. Usually I try to avoid mindless posts, but I feel like I'm neglecting my blog, and surely even mindless posting is better than that?


Be astounded with my level of depth.
(I actually do have a post that started out like that in January, but it fleshed itself out somehow.)

"Yesterday I went to lunch with"

Great story.

(no title)
"This week has been full of Lazy. So lazy, in fact, that it feels like it should already be Friday because of all the things I haven't done."


Not included in this "The Blog Posts That Never Were" feature are a couple duplicates, and one containing mean statements directed to a non-existent test reader. I always make my "test posts" mean.

Next line of thought.

Tomorrow night I will joyfully ride through the night for 16 hours, where I will then be subjected to a Nascar race.

Nothing in the previous sentence contains sarcasm, except for the kind you use when you're "joking" to someone about how horribly they (choose one) work/look/live/annoy me, but you're really telling the truth, and then the person acts all hurt but you put your hands up in mock innocence, eyes wide, and say, "What?! I was only joking!"
That kind of sarcasm is present.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the whole trip. It'll be me and my dad, and snacks and rock 'n roll, and buying tons of coffee to stay awake as we drive through the morning. The race, notsomuch, but I can deal. Especially with a book to keep me company!


Rowe said...

I'm not a major fan of Nascar, but I really want to see at least once race... it's just completely different to anything we have in the UK because nothing can be the same size.

Even football/soccer and rugby games (even the epic ones) aren't as big as most popular university games in the USA!

I also love roadtrips... 10 hours will easily get you from here (southwest England) to Edinburgh (east Scotland) so even our roadtrips are pretty lame in comparison :P

tiph said...

Epic fail! :P

It was a good race, tiring trip, etc. I was in the vehicle for 35 hours of the 50 hour-long trip. Insane much?

James said...

Alternatively, you can drive for 20 hours and still be in the same country, how pathetic ;)

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