Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First (and conveniently, the only) order of business: the Nascar trip.

So Friday night, at around 10 pm, me and my dad headed out to the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. It took almost twenty hours to get there, due to a couple of wrong turns and such. I drove 14 or so of those hours, my beginning shift being from 10pm to almost 6 in the morning. Two hours later I drove again.

I liked the drive at night: it was quiet and there were barely any cars around. I'm really good at staying awake late, so that was no problem for me.

Race was interesting, and I got to use my awesome telephoto lens for close up shots of the cars. The parking was horrendous. We had to park a few miles away, and a lady in a van took us to the front gate for a tip. The real fun was getting back to the car again - an hour and a half, mostly going uphill. After driving all day. Not very pleasant.

The next day at 8am we started our trek back home. "That's the longest I've driven just to go somewhere for three hours," my dad said on the way home.


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