Friday, August 7, 2009

mini-post alert!

Guess what? I'm super tired. And totally lame tonight.

Tomorrow I'll be heading out of town for my grandmother's surprise birthday party.
To make up for my lack of a post, here, have a picture of the birthday card I made.

Isn't it stunning?

Please say yes. I'm tired and I might cry.

Random fact of the day!
Someone found my blog last month through Google by searching "Do eggs have caffeine?"

Dear Confused in July,
No, eggs do not in fact have caffeine. Unless of course you boil them in a cola. Boiled Cola Eggs, everyone's favorite breakfast!

I think the other alternative to getting caffeine into your eggs (because I'm sure that's why you asked in the first place) is to dunk your egg, fried or scrambled, into a cup of strong coffee.
Hugs and pogo sticks, Abby Tiph


James said...


How about you poach an egg in coffee? :D

Brianna said...

It's a wonderful card. I love the little bow thing on the balloon. =D

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Hahaha! I was feeling depressed(after reading an especially sad book about a family of 6 and the husband dies of cancer. I *HATED* it. I cried. It was AWFUL!!!!) and anyway, it was such a relief to see that you'd always brighten my day. :-)And the "do eggs have caffeine" had me laughing!! What a nut!! :D

Beeeaaautiful b-day card, by the way! :-)

tiph said...

Thanks to the three of you. ^_^

Jess, I hate those kind of books. It's like they spend the whole book getting you to absolutely love the characters and stuff, and then THEY KILL THEM. So sad. :( I'm glad I helped you recover. :D And it made my day to hear that the posts brighten yours. :)

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