Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not actually the 100th post. but here, pictures instead.

Well, 100 blog posts since (*goes to check*) uh, last December. And it's August. Man, I'm a super slow blogger.

My blog only accounts for 94 posts!! Ha!

This just in:
Tiph has six DRAFTS in her post count. Which, really, don't count.
Six more to go. This is funny. :D

And moving along, like this never happened...

So yesterday I made a laptop sleeve with a pattern from ars technica. I measured incorrectly, and it was too small. So today I made another one, and guess what??
It's too big. But it'll be just right for a computer and it's power cord, so it's all good.

I had some extra fabric and decided to make a phone case, as well.

That one I actually gave to my mom.

Tomorrow I will be sewing even moar. But: baby pictures!!

Little Caleb (I think he's four months now). (Note: he's not my kid. He's my 19-years-younger-than-me brother.)

I'm such a horrible sister, giving him a pen. He gets very intense when he holds things, like it takes all his concentration and willpower to GRAB THAT AMAZING THING WHAT IS IT?!

More photos on Flickr.

Alrighty, so it's not actually the 100th post, but in five more posts it will be. Any ideas as to how to make it a super awesome 100th post? I've got an idea in already: Let you peoples choose my next painting. Any and all other ideas welcome (read: demanded).


Melissa said...

He is SOOOO cute!!! Wish we could be there to see him. :( Ah well, photos of him are better then nothing! :)

Those bags you made are really adorable! Wish I could sew..I LOVE the fabric you used too! :)

tiph said...

Your little brother is getting all grown up (well, sorta, lol) too! =O

Thanks, they were tons of fun to do. :) I think I'm off to go collect more fabric just now! Woot!
( * v * )

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