Tuesday, August 18, 2009

your daily dose of Phoenix

Saturday I went on an impromptu beach trip with my good friend Sarah, complete with snow-cones, caramel apples, iced tea lemonade and dangling our feet in the water, watching little fishies go by.

That night I sketched a drawing of a phoenix.

We had a few guests over (more excuses to make cake! Yay!), after which we rescued puppies from the pound. Long story. When I get some decent pictures of them, I'll tell it.
I painted the phoenix (I didn't even get mad at the paints or canvas!); did a happy dance.

Obligatory Awesome part of Monday:
I made cookies.
Mind you, I had already made cake, yes? Yes. But in addition to that, I also made cookies. Because that is how I roll.
And what time did I make these cookies, might you ask? Eleven o'clock. At night.
So yeah, now it's past midnight and... just that: it's midnight. You shouldn't even be reading this because you should be asleep because it is midnight right now, okay.

I should try to refrain from these midnight postings. I tend to use bold too much.

Jem's feeling rather sad and lonely, and she probably thinks I don't like her anymore, but that isn't true, and - whoa! I only blogged twice last week? That's lame.

Anyway, that's it.


Anonymous said...

Moar paintings :D, whoop!

The wings are massive!

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