Thursday, September 24, 2009

j is for jungle

Behold, a miniature bookmark.
I've long preferred small-scale artwork (some of my favourite paintings are 3x5 in.), so when I lost my usual bookmark, I decided I would make one. Or three or ten.

I need to record some audio of the surreal conversations my two year old brother and I have. He tries to convince me it's okay for him to have a Popsicle before breakfast (because, duh, he had dinner last night!). And also, he does not like meat in his popcorn, and so he won't eat the popcorn. Doesn't matter that there is not actually meat in the popcorn. HE DOES NOT LIKE IT.


I just really wanted to use that word. Spell check refuses to acknowledge it, but that's okay, because I refuse to acknowledge spell check.


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