Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the hands of time move steadily onward

Days are short. Weeks and months are gone so fast these days, I can hardly believe it's the middle of September.

On that note, today, September 15th, my sister turned twelve. Jessica told me - oh so long ago (were we twelve? Probably) - that twelve was the best age. "All the interesting books are about twelve year-olds," she said. It's another step toward growing up, that's for sure.
So Happy Birthday, Beth! And God be with you. :)

I've been gone so long, I know! I have excuses, really good excuses, but I can't remember what they are at the moment. I probably have them written down somewhere; I'll let you know when I find them.

While I don't necessarily remember what has happened prior to five minutes ago, I do have a pretty good grasp on what needs to happen pretty soon. This list is not prioritized.

1. Take, publish, and print photos. I've been slack, very slack. Please don't be mad, just remember that you aren't missing that much anyway!

2. Catch up on my uni work. Since I'm taking an online class, it's really easy to procrastinate. It goes like this: "Oh wow, this whole unit isn't due until a week and half from now. Let me wait for a week and two days before I start it."

3. Grade schoolwork. Sometimes I think I should never give the kids quizzes and tests. And actually, it shouldn't be "grade schoolwork," as the majority of it is already graded, but "organize schoolwork."

4. Paint. I haven't painted a picture in almost a month now. My paints feel lonely, but the thing is, my bed always wins.

5. Work on the Summer Photobook. Blah. Blah blah. I love creative endeavors, I do. But again, I also like sleep.

6. Lose twenty pounds!!! Just kidding.

7. Read. A lot. The past two years, while in college, the closest thing I got to actually reading (and not speed-reading through whole textbooks the night before the test) was my various Literature classes. My projected topics are physics, war, the Romans (the kids and I are learning Latin, I figure it'd be nice to know a bit about the people), various people, and some fiction thrown in for good measure. I don't need psychology studies; gimme a book and I'll tell you about human nature.

Except for the stupid books, please don't give me those.

Despite the seeming busyness of everything, life is not too terribly stressing or anything. Thanking God for that, definitely. (I love me some adverbs.)
I'm content.

Summer will be officially gone next Tuesday, some pretty scary stuff may be waiting in the wings, and fall seems like a new year... and I am content.

(photo: Glasgow in cityness by Photograph's by Jim. Used without permission.)


Robin Bastien said...

That's certainly an obstacle with school/working from home. I always work from bed (yep, bed always does win) and get caught up with music, facebook, forums, etc... when I should be building websites and illustrating. Reading too. I just came across a.aaarg.org and it has plenty of e-books on theory that I'd like to read, but never get around to it.

Try scheduling reading periods and schoolwork periods, and plan to do nothing else, it often works for me fo'real.

tiph said...

Awesome idea! Time is of the essence, and such. :D
The internet is just one big giant distraction, isn't it? *sigh*

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