Monday, November 30, 2009

do not eat stick people

On my wishlist: hugging salt shakers!

It's the cutest thing since Googly-Eyed Pink Pompoms:
Amirite? I think I am right.

Also awesome is Caleb, seen below:

This is the "why are you taking photos of me while I am eating dinner, can you go away now? kthxbai" look.

I started the kids back in school today, except it was after lunch by the time we got things situated. I won't totally forget about school be so lenient tomorrow.

It's supposed to be freezing all week, not getting higher than 56 F (that's 13 C for all you British folk) and just generally not warming up. Several Decembers ago it snowed, and in 1948 it was 90 F (32 C), which is ridiculous even for Texas temperatures. It's nice that the weather is being appropriate this year. Let's see how long that lasts.

things i like about winter, #1

Marshmallow Snowman Peeps.

It's the closest thing I'll get to real snow this year. :(

Saturday, November 28, 2009

twice natural

A quick digital piece. Getting the hang of textures and tools now, and I finally remembered to switch layers. I have a horrible habit of forgetting until I've already ruined my layer.

Friday, November 27, 2009

because you can never have too many desserts

This Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for.
The beautiful weather, the beauty of nature, my family and friends, delicious food and plenty of it, my little cats, the fuzzy spiders that hop around when it gets warm enough, Hop the lizard, Nem the camera, Hawthorne the graphics tablet, the Lord's patience and goodness and blessings.
My heart is practically overflowing today!

But enough of the sappiness - where are the photos?!

I put myself in charge of the desserts today (all six of them, only three shown below).
Apple pie, tres leches, and fruit salad (aka marshmallow salad):

I think I ate six pieces of tres leches today.

Our deep-fried turkey, frying deeply:

And, the finished result! (It was totally delicious.)

We had some family over to share the feast, here cousin Jay holds a sleeping Caleb:

Caleb (sometimes referred to as Keebler) woke up later and started making absolutely hilarious mean faces. He knew he was being cute, too, and would actually do it on demand.

He would scrunch up his face, then stop and laugh, make sure someone's watching him, then do it again.

Beth and Uncle Jon, photos courtesy of him.

O noes, it's me!

Mi madre, who did everything else...

...including - but not limited to - tamales (!!), homemade cranberry sauce, beet salad, brussel sprouts with something else mixed in (I didn't taste it, sh don't tell), mashed potatoes, green beans, and probably other stuff too but it's really late and I spent all my brainpower playing Catch Phrase with the family. I'm excused, right?

I think twelve photos made their way on here! I didn't actually count them, mind you, so if there's only eleven and a half, sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pre-Thanksgiving rush

The day before Thanksgiving!
That means tons of preparations, and cooking half the food today because we won't have enough time tomorrow.

Apples for apple pie.

"I love you Tiph."
"I love you too, Josiah."
"NO, I love you more because you are tiny!!!!!!!"
Daily occurrence, no lie.

Melody and the melty mint.

Below is yesterday's photo, but the internet went out and I couldn't post it. Me and Melody made paper chains: I cut out some elephants and she put blankets and faces on them.

We also made paper girls, but they got chopped up.

We've been slaving away, making everything from tamales to tres leches ready for tomorrow, not stopping til midnight.
In the morning, we'll wake to get several more dishes under our belts (literally and figuratively), including a never-before-tried pumpkin cheesecake by yours truly.

It's bed time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

me and my crafty self

Two posts in one day! Whoa!
I counted the earlier post as just an introduction to how I'll be doing the blog from now on, so time for the real post now.

I'd like to introduce you to me:

I'm an imaginary friend.

I've been really nifty with a needle lately, and have embroidered thusly:

Sewn this little baggy thing by hand (totally fun, especially the button hole :D):

And whipped up some handmade fabric journals for each of the kids:

I'm missing one or two in this photo. These were machine done, and I really liked making them because of the different fabrics we used. Some were coarse, and others, like fleece and knits, were soft. Texture fun!

Also, super secret project fabric:

Sh. It's secret. Don't tell.


I'm finding myself online less and less these days.
New things are happening; my priorities are shifting.

It's a good change, nonetheless, and I feel compelled to document these days even more, even if it's just a photo or two.

Well, today there's only one - Blogger isn't being very nice today.
I hope to get at least a short post up every day, so we'll see how that goes. It'll help that I might just throw some photos on there and call it good. =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

The next several posts are not going to be in chronological order. Just sayin'.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous - blue skies, perfect temperature - so of course I had to take the kids to the park.

It is most definitely fall. Leaves are dying and falling off - but look at the sky!!!

Yeah, I get this look from him a lot.

While we were there, I put my camera around my neck and started swinging, taking random photos as I went. Not much good came of it. Except for this!

That is a photo, drawn on with my graphics tablet.

Wait wait wait, did I mention I have a graphics tablet? No??
Shame on me.

Meet Hawthorne.

He's really posh. Best get used to it.

Two nights ago I started painting an idea that I'd had, and after I finished the background and stuff, I decided I really didn't like what the finished product is going to look like. Here's the background:

It's supposed to have ghouly things on it.
I don't really like ghouly things - and what would I do with a painting of ghouls anyway? Not display it, that's for sure.
So anyway I'm trying to figure out what to put on it instead. I'll probably change the colouring a bit 'cause the background looks scary.

I have so many photos to upload and share, so expect picdumps for the next several days.

Monday, November 16, 2009

guess what? I'm not dead.

It's been what, three weeks since my last post?

1. No internet for two weeks.
2. Other more important things. Photos to follow sometime... maybe...

But seriously, the past several weeks have been incredibly full with insane craft-making, beach trips, family photo shoots (Jem is such a good little camera, yes she is!), preparations for Joshua's surgery, broken arms (blame the trampoline), museum trips, teaching, and dude, there is just so much to do. If any of you have a few spare hours lying around, pass them this way, k thanks!

I haven't even uploaded to Flickr in ages.
I started to do NaNoWriMo and quit on the fourth day.
I have a half-sewn Mr. Toast who is crying for stuffing.

Here, a photo to distract you! It's me! Whoa!

I will land with mah feet on the ground.
And totally get this blog rolling again.

p.s. I really need to organize my tags.

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