Monday, November 30, 2009

do not eat stick people

On my wishlist: hugging salt shakers!

It's the cutest thing since Googly-Eyed Pink Pompoms:
Amirite? I think I am right.

Also awesome is Caleb, seen below:

This is the "why are you taking photos of me while I am eating dinner, can you go away now? kthxbai" look.

I started the kids back in school today, except it was after lunch by the time we got things situated. I won't totally forget about school be so lenient tomorrow.

It's supposed to be freezing all week, not getting higher than 56 F (that's 13 C for all you British folk) and just generally not warming up. Several Decembers ago it snowed, and in 1948 it was 90 F (32 C), which is ridiculous even for Texas temperatures. It's nice that the weather is being appropriate this year. Let's see how long that lasts.


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