Monday, November 16, 2009

guess what? I'm not dead.

It's been what, three weeks since my last post?

1. No internet for two weeks.
2. Other more important things. Photos to follow sometime... maybe...

But seriously, the past several weeks have been incredibly full with insane craft-making, beach trips, family photo shoots (Jem is such a good little camera, yes she is!), preparations for Joshua's surgery, broken arms (blame the trampoline), museum trips, teaching, and dude, there is just so much to do. If any of you have a few spare hours lying around, pass them this way, k thanks!

I haven't even uploaded to Flickr in ages.
I started to do NaNoWriMo and quit on the fourth day.
I have a half-sewn Mr. Toast who is crying for stuffing.

Here, a photo to distract you! It's me! Whoa!

I will land with mah feet on the ground.
And totally get this blog rolling again.

p.s. I really need to organize my tags.


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