Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pre-Thanksgiving rush

The day before Thanksgiving!
That means tons of preparations, and cooking half the food today because we won't have enough time tomorrow.

Apples for apple pie.

"I love you Tiph."
"I love you too, Josiah."
"NO, I love you more because you are tiny!!!!!!!"
Daily occurrence, no lie.

Melody and the melty mint.

Below is yesterday's photo, but the internet went out and I couldn't post it. Me and Melody made paper chains: I cut out some elephants and she put blankets and faces on them.

We also made paper girls, but they got chopped up.

We've been slaving away, making everything from tamales to tres leches ready for tomorrow, not stopping til midnight.
In the morning, we'll wake to get several more dishes under our belts (literally and figuratively), including a never-before-tried pumpkin cheesecake by yours truly.

It's bed time.


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