Thursday, December 17, 2009

complementary sisters

When my 12 year-old sister Beth and I went to Hobby Lobby for our gift materials last week, I gravitated toward the fabric (and later to the paintbrushes and canvases), while she went to the corner of the store devoted to the needle crafts - tons of yarn and all sorts of stuff.
Occasionally, one of us will tell the other, "Oh, this project is so easy you should try it," to which the response is invariably "I don't like sewing/crochet."

(Beth crocheting across the table from my cape-making)

Beth crochets. I sew/embroider.
It's not that we've failed to branch out necessarily, we've both tried other things. I hate crocheting, because I don't like precision of it, having to count stitches and follow patterns and keep my tension exactly right. But for Beth, she doesn't have to count stitches or follow patterns, she just does things and they come out right.
Opposite goes for her and sewing. I sit and sew whatever, for her it's a bigger ordeal.

Between the two of us, though, I think we have most crafting spheres covered, and apparently my non-stop DIYing has put her in the mood for creating her own things. Basically, we rock together.

Also, this morning I checked on my hermit crab and lizards and found the lizards huddled together.

They usually share a shell at night to keep warm, but generally they keep their heads facing inwards. Aww, cuddly lizards.


Jessica McDonald said...

Ohhhh Okayyy...I admit, those are two CUTE LIZARDS! :D

You and Beth *do* rock! <3 I wish I liked crocheting or sewing. Though, I will say I'd much rather sew then crotchet as I can actually sew...though just a little bit. :D


tiph said...

Aren't they?! :D

Thanks! :) <3 You do other awesome things though, like writing a whole book in a month (I failed!). It took me a long time before I decided I liked to sew - and I'm not even close to Tiff's mad sewing skills! XD

lots of love!

Geek+Nerd said...

Aww, your lizards are so snuggly and cute!!!

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