Monday, December 14, 2009

cool as a cupcake

What's cooler than cool?

I will tell you what is cooler than cool.

What's cool is making a batch of cupcakes and frosting to go with it, having leftover frosting and refrigerating it for future use, making another batch of cupcakes two days later, and having exactly enough frosting left over for the second batch.
That is what is cool.

I'm continuing to sew things, wrapping up several projects before it's too late (my mom never knows which 'project' I'm talking about; she says I have too many going on at once).

Two things I'm considering spending money on for the new year:

A new laptop. Because the one I have is from 2005 and, while it serves its purpose (sometimes), can no longer hold any sort of charge. Also, the speakers have been out for the past year and a half. I've eying a lovely 14" HP, dual processor and everything. So if anyone wants to give me a few bucks, I'll take it. :P

Also, a wireless internet card. I'd like to have reliable internet, and the one at my house is neither dependable or improving. Sixty dollars a month is a hefty sum, though.

Not related to spending money, but still a "want," I'll be trying to get art on the blog regularly. If I start consistently putting out artwork (digital and otherwise), then I might get a separate art blog. I've been encouraged by a couple people to make a profit off my so-called talent, so we'll see how that works. If I can make $60 a month through the art stuff, that'll pay for my internet!

So yeah, tons of stuff to think about this week, and Hanukkah's til Saturday too! My brain might asplode. And I hear a thunderstorm coming in; I think this Monday might end complete.


Anonymous said...

Cupcakes are cool.
As are their makers.

Geek+Nerd said...

Heyyy! I majored in Awesome too, what do you know!? Thanks for stopping by G+N, I'm glad that you enjoy it :)

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