Friday, December 11, 2009

friday is the new black

I hereby announce Fridays to be Link Fridays on this blog until I a) forget, or b) get bored with it.

While catching up on my design-inspiration blogs, I saw a post from How About Orange about an awesome desktop wallpaper site.

And a much larger version of that picture is now plastered across my laptop screen.

This time of year, ThinkGeek always emails me to tell me of all the awesome things they have that I should buy. Last year, I succumbed. This year - another test of wills between the geek within me and the me that's checking her bank account.
Look. A Lolcat book.
Do I want this shirt? Don't listen to the shirt - I actually do. And speaking of shirts, the ultimate in chic geekess is also a shirt. Though, can someone please tell me why the women's small is more expensive than the extra-extra-large? IT'S A CONSPIRACY.

And because retro gamer ice cubes are always a good idea, Ice Invaders.

How to make a Linux baby: Just put this shirt on Baby and add water! Watch it grow!

Which reminds me, XKCD has something to say about parenting, also. That made me lol.

This, my friends, is a pencil crossbow, and this tutorial will tell you how to make it.
And this website will answer your question as to what happens if you get stabbed by a flying pencil-arrow.

Don'tcha just love the internet?


quact said...

If I may be pedantic, that picture indicates that four pencils, a pen and seven elastic bands are used to make the crossbow.
The answer doesn't work, as the tutorial teaches how to make a crossbow that fires wooden skewers. Does the same principle still apply?


And you trumped me with that comment on my blog, so I don't intend to lose this one ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do love the internet.
Awesome post.
Enjoyed the links.
I now take up the cry and join the ranks of geeks that say, "keep up the standard, don't let the geeks die out!!"

P.S. I am a real person behind my mysterious name and (most likely) annoying comments.

tiph said...

For starters, quact - no, you may not be pedantic.
Anything else? :P

Firefly - I don't think geeks have much chance of dying out anytime soon. But hey, I just want you to know that I liked geeks before they went mainstream and became popular. :D
P.S. I didn't imagine you were a robot or other sort of non-person, and I welcome (and enjoy) your comments.

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