Sunday, December 27, 2009

gadgets with relationships

Not too many photos from this week, and I can't remember why not. Either I did absolutely nothing, or nothing of interest, or I just haven't remembered to take photos. Probably a mixture of the last two. After the past couple of frenziedly exciting weeks, I have to catch up on my boring, routine stuffs. Like grading papers.

Not shown in the collage is today's outing: ice skating! Last year, my friends and I went to one in the mall, and I fell three times, once bloodying my knees badly.
This year, guess how many times I fell?
That is none. My legs are a teensy bit sore, though, but that just means I need to start working out on a (more) regular basis again.

Shown in the collage: my new laptop Charlie. He and Jem get along very nicely, and I think even Hawthorne approves.

All in all, this week - at least the pieces I can remember - has been pretty nice.


James said...

Charlie & Hawthorne & Jem? You're accumulating a nice collection of gadgets ;). My sister calls her car 'Poppy'. I can't claim to understand it :P

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