Wednesday, December 16, 2009

how tiph makes a cape (or, how to make an easy project really hard)

So, I decided it would be cool to make my youngest sister Melody a cape for Hanukkah. I figured - Hey, they're just big chunks of fabric sewn together, not too hard, right?

Making a cape is actually pretty simple. I bought a pattern, so basically all I had to do was cut out four pieces of fabric and sew on the dotted lines. Should've taken four hours, max.

Notice the word "should've." Because, I didn't do that. Nope. I cut out the fabric, and then decided that my cape needed
  • double lining
  • batting
  • quilted batting
  • pockets
  • a hood
I put quilted batting in bold because it's the most time-consuming part of this entire process. To make matters worse, I thought swirlies would be cute quilted on the lining. Very cute - but very hard to do with a sewing machine.

(me, quilting in the near-dark at 1 am)
All that complaining done - I can now say that I'm very proud of it so far. I think the extra time is proving to be well worth it, and as of yet I have not had to undo/redo any of my work. And I'm getting sewing callouses on my fingertips from my hand-sewing projects, too. :D

I'll be putting up our handmade gifts (that I and my sister Beth made) sometime later this week, in collage form (consider it the extra holiday issue). Til then, a purpley-sunset-out-of-focus-but-still-awesome photo.


Leah said...

That's cool. I've been wanting to make a cape but haven't gotten around to it yet with school and stuff...the last things I sewed were 5 costumes in 2 weeks for Reformation day. Looking forward to the final pictures of the cape!

tiph said...

Five costumes in two days - now that's something to put on a resume! I'm looking forward to being finished with the cape. :D

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