Thursday, December 3, 2009

i break glass

Look at this!! Baby light bulb jars!! I just wanna squeeze 'em!
Or smash them on the ground, but that's an entirely different story altogether. Ahem.
Anyway, I bought those, and a few other assorted jars for presents later this month. Woo!

My sister and I, while we were out running errands, saw a hawk swoop down in front of my truck and pounce on something, presumably a mouse or some other small creature. My camera was in my sister's seat, but she couldn't turn-it-on/un-lens-cap-it/click-the-button fast enough. I pulled forward to a parking space and climbed up the hill it had hopped over with its prey, but Mr. Hawk had already left. :(
But that's okay, I saw a pond!

It took me several reconnects-to-teh-interwebz to get this post posted. O wireless network, wherefore art thou exceedingly fickle?


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