Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i don't believe in -isms.

This is the sky, the day before The Great Snow.
You can't tell me that's not gorgeous.

So anyway.

In my quest to make awesome art, I've been stalking following and perusing different design, art, and craft blogs. One of the most amazing things I've learned? I don't have to make up my own, brand-new idea to make something cool.

See, I had this aversion to copying any part of anything, for any purpose, ever. Call me Queen Anti-Plagiarism. But as I started looking at more and more posts, I found "this was inspired by," or "I got this idea from," way more often than I thought! Anyway, when it comes to sewing and that sort of stuff, I'm really lame and notawesome, so I blatantly steal most ideas, if not the patterns as well.


Back when I didn't have internet for two weeks, I wasn't able to check my Google Reader the entire time. The day finally came - internet *angel choir* - and I think I went into a gorgeous-stuff-to-make coma for about two hours. I didn't bookmark everything (though I should have), but my Projects folder? So. Full.

In addition to that, I'm going to be making a cape for my sister. I bought the fabric today (after wandering around the fabric aisles trying to figure out whether calico will work for a cape or not [it will] for a good half hour or so), and I'm pretty stoked about starting the process. 'Cept the cutting part terrifies me. What if I cut it incorrectly. The world will end, I'm pretty sure.

Also, another thing. This child?

He thinks he's all that. Josiah now thinks that he's oh-so-cool, way too cool, as a matter of fact, to smile for cameras. He'll be all happybouncyyay! until I pull out my camera/phone, and then he'll sorta throw his shoulders back and assume this super smug, I-am-so-awesome-I-don't-even-need-to-smile look. A two-year old with that attitude? I can't wait til he's in his teens.

Both photos today courtesy of my cell phone and its lovely "2 MEGS PIXEL" (so it says on the phone) camera.


James said...


I came across that recently, and its kind of addressing the same stuff.

And don't be lazy, you've got to draw out the smile from him ;), or draw it on afterwards in software :P

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